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May 23, 2008

Public transits in Maine

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I received two Email with some great ideas about that have been banded around.

Bike paths. and maps. (this would encourage more bikers and better drivers.)

But Biking still leaves those without mobility and you will still a bigger transport when shopping.

The next idea is to put in use the school bus fleet. An idea which really sparks my attention. those buses sit idle for most of the day unless the children are on a field trip. But who own/ operates the bus fleet? The school districts? are private firm?
that answer is all over the place.
It might be more trouble than it is worth to get all of the groups together with the goal of transporting more than student twice a day.

But the bus idea should not be dismissed as of yet.

Now think. why are our children bussed to school?
Well it is too far for them to walk. or the roads are dangerous. or the parents have to be a work long before the student.

I think back, here for a moment. I took public transit as a high school student, but then I lived in New York City.

So back to we are back to; Why do we not have a Public transit system?

Up till now every one has a car.

Eeeck, I just paid $3.75 (three dollar and seventy-five cents,) for gas. I am not going to be driving any place unless I really need to be there.
And this latest hike in gas prices shows no end in sight.

I think we need people to see the light before we can offer them an alternative.
Maybe I will start with a series of articles in the news paper this summer. Have people question why they are trapped at home. (a little over dramatic)


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