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January 23, 2009

Request for naming help.

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One of the initiatives that the Midcoast Green Collaborative is working on is promoting the idea of growing your own vegetables (in summer and even in winter, under some protection). There are people in Maine who are growing all their own food, all year round, eating fresh greens from the garden in January.

We are looking for a catchy name for this practice, akin to the Victory Gardens during World War II.

Anyone have any suggestions?


November 25, 2008

Sustainability Post #38 – Bumper Sticker

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“Think Globally, Eat Neighborly”

November 12, 2008

Sustainability Post #36 – Shitakes.

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It took 2.5 years but it looks like we are finally getting mushrooms from the bit of inocculating we did. My uncle had a large bag of mushroom spore, but no good trees. I, of course, have lots of trees, many in bad shape. So we cut one down; got his truck stuck; (who buys a two wheel drive truck in Maine?); winched it out; and the logs up drilled holes; added mushroom spore; sealed with wax; and ‘planted’. Then we waited. And waited.

Today, I went out and saw a number of mushrooms on one of the logs. The others had similar growths.  a quick sanity check on the Internet confirms that we have shitakes. Woot!

October 6, 2008

Sustainability Post #35 – Apples.

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Yesterday, Some of the family came over, and we picked apples.  About 60 gallons of apples, this all off of one tree.  This is a large 150ish year old apple tree that sits up by the road, and it is the first tree labeled (“A”).  I extracted it from a overgrowth of Japanese arrowroot, and B has been pruning it for the last couple years.  We had it checked, and it appears to be a Baldwin, we call him Alec.

We then proceeded to make apple pie (1), apple sauce (13 pints), dried apples (1 bag), J (sister) took about half of the haul away with her, and there are still TONS left.  There are still a number of trees we haven’t even gotten to yet.  Anyone have suggestions for what to do with apples?  (No root cellar yet).

June 26, 2008

Sustainability Post #22 — Food

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Here is a website which claims that the best  path for reducing fossil fuel usage is a change in the way we get our food.  The whole website is worth a look.

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