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February 5, 2009

Blogs, Forums, Bulletin Boards, et al.

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This post is place for members of the Midcoast Green Collaborative to leave their comments on what they would like to see in a communication media for the group. We will continue to use e-mail for urgent or time critical messages.

Some History: I first used what was then called a news system in 1986, compu-serve called them bulletin boards. With the advent of the web in the early nineties, such things started moving over to the web side of things. They have become quite elaborate over the years, but the basic premise remains. Leave a note, have other respond to it, and keep it all for posterity.

I created a community on LiveJournal last year, so that the Collaborative members would have a place to do this for our little group. Many people complained that it was to difficult to use, and insisted that wordpress was far superior. So, I moved everything from the livejournal over to wordpress.

So, now I am being told we need to change again, and so please put your thoughts here.

Thank You Kindly.



May 13, 2008


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I hope that this can be a place where philosophy, thoughts, ideas can be expressed, discussed and retained for future enlightenment. Please feel free to comment or post your thoughts.

Topics of a timely nature (meeting announcements, etc.) should be sent to the mailing list instead.

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