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May 8, 2009

Energy Expo 09

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Post show

Expo 09

What work/ didn’t

Didn’t do exit poll: hand them out to entering people along with booklet
8 exhibitors have not paid
Exhibit check in; badge, contact, check out, procedure,
layout should be alphabetical
Put booth numbers on curtains; layout on last  page- for latest changes.
Electrical power issues must be improved. (last row is powered by solar from outside.)
Need cash box/draw recites for better notes.

Need more pipe and drape
Booth sizes were bigger than expected ??
– should be clarified or standardized

Do a better floor plan, with real 100-ft tape-measure.
Publicity could be been earlier ?? (started earlier)
-need media schedule-(missed home power dead line)
-send coastal journal weekly
Promote more as educational + stuff for kids
Green cafe was good
How do we name it? Big banner
maybe a banner across main street- samuel will investigate
Need to have lecture space set up on time
Tell exhibitors where to get extra chairs (part of check in)
Exhibitor registration form – redone- and pay full in advance or no show.


April 13, 2009

Federal budget at a glance.

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A poster (or flash based) of the 2009 federal budget.


April 11, 2009

Become an author on this forum.

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We welcome contributors to this forum.

If you would like to be able to post new topics on this forum, kindly leave a comment here.  Please include some information about yourself, such as if you are a member of the Midcoast Green Collaborative (not required).

Energy Star certified home loans.

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Here is an interesting money saving opportunity for reducing your monthly mortgage payments and saving money on fuel. Make your home an Energy Star certified home and refinance with the new Gov. program, attached.


February 19, 2009


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funny pictures of cats with captions
more animals

February 5, 2009

Blogs, Forums, Bulletin Boards, et al.

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This post is place for members of the Midcoast Green Collaborative to leave their comments on what they would like to see in a communication media for the group. We will continue to use e-mail for urgent or time critical messages.

Some History: I first used what was then called a news system in 1986, compu-serve called them bulletin boards. With the advent of the web in the early nineties, such things started moving over to the web side of things. They have become quite elaborate over the years, but the basic premise remains. Leave a note, have other respond to it, and keep it all for posterity.

I created a community on LiveJournal last year, so that the Collaborative members would have a place to do this for our little group. Many people complained that it was to difficult to use, and insisted that wordpress was far superior. So, I moved everything from the livejournal over to wordpress.

So, now I am being told we need to change again, and so please put your thoughts here.

Thank You Kindly.


January 23, 2009

Request for naming help.

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One of the initiatives that the Midcoast Green Collaborative is working on is promoting the idea of growing your own vegetables (in summer and even in winter, under some protection). There are people in Maine who are growing all their own food, all year round, eating fresh greens from the garden in January.

We are looking for a catchy name for this practice, akin to the Victory Gardens during World War II.

Anyone have any suggestions?

Request for ideas.

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The Midcoast Green Collaborative is expanding our Midcoast Sustainable Energy Expo to include all sorts of green ideas, and are renaming it the Midcoast Sustainable Living Expo.

We are looking for exhibitors to fit in with this new theme. Do you know of a (preferably local) commercial or non-profit group that you think would fit in? Make the suggestion here, to a member or email midcoastgreencollaborative@gmail.com

Thank You Kindly.

October 6, 2008

Sustainability Post #35 – Apples.

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Yesterday, Some of the family came over, and we picked apples.  About 60 gallons of apples, this all off of one tree.  This is a large 150ish year old apple tree that sits up by the road, and it is the first tree labeled (“A”).  I extracted it from a overgrowth of Japanese arrowroot, and B has been pruning it for the last couple years.  We had it checked, and it appears to be a Baldwin, we call him Alec.

We then proceeded to make apple pie (1), apple sauce (13 pints), dried apples (1 bag), J (sister) took about half of the haul away with her, and there are still TONS left.  There are still a number of trees we haven’t even gotten to yet.  Anyone have suggestions for what to do with apples?  (No root cellar yet).

September 13, 2008

Sustainability Post #32 – Rechargable Batteries in Smoke Detectors?

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Today, I was awakened by a smoke detector beeping.  Not, the constant beeping of a fire, just a short beep once a minute or so, for a few minutes.  This is an indicator that the battery needs to be replaced.  Now, I have I think 7 smoke detectors in my house, and can hear all of them from any place within the house.  So, I spent some time looking for which one was beeping.  Since they only beep for a few minutes every hour or so, this was not a easy task.  Meanwhile, I am getting more frustrated.  These are, mind you, AC connected smoke detectors, the battery is just backup should power go out.  But they aren’t rechargeable batteries, nor is the unit designed to recharge them should I put rechargeables in.   How stupid is that?  I suspect many people just disable the whole thing when this happens.

Why can’t I find an AC smoke detector with rechargable batteries, which never need replacing?

July 17, 2008

What we can do, to help people get ready for winter.

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This is a continuation of a discussion started in email.

The question is what can we as individuals and as a group do, to help people who are likely to be hard hit by recent increases in the price of heating fuel?

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