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May 8, 2009

Energy Expo 09

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Post show

Expo 09

What work/ didn’t

Didn’t do exit poll: hand them out to entering people along with booklet
8 exhibitors have not paid
Exhibit check in; badge, contact, check out, procedure,
layout should be alphabetical
Put booth numbers on curtains; layout on last  page- for latest changes.
Electrical power issues must be improved. (last row is powered by solar from outside.)
Need cash box/draw recites for better notes.

Need more pipe and drape
Booth sizes were bigger than expected ??
– should be clarified or standardized

Do a better floor plan, with real 100-ft tape-measure.
Publicity could be been earlier ?? (started earlier)
-need media schedule-(missed home power dead line)
-send coastal journal weekly
Promote more as educational + stuff for kids
Green cafe was good
How do we name it? Big banner
maybe a banner across main street- samuel will investigate
Need to have lecture space set up on time
Tell exhibitors where to get extra chairs (part of check in)
Exhibitor registration form – redone- and pay full in advance or no show.


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