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June 9, 2008

Sustainability Post #16 — A Shaker Visit

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Saturday, My sweetie and her mom had a shape note singing meeting down at the Shaker village near New Glouster Maine. I decided to go with them to see the place and take pictures (I borrowed my sister’s digital camera).

The community is on Sabbathday Lake, and is the last living shaker community, though a portion of it is already converted into museum. I wandered the grounds taking lots of pictures until the battery died (and the spare was found to also be dead). Sigh, modern cameras.

The Brothers and Sisters invited us into their dining room for supper. The bell was rung at 4:30 and the men went down the men’s stair (on the right) to their waiting room, while the women went down the women’s stair to the left.

While the shaker store had a couple of simple clocks (made elsewhere and battery powered) for sale . The dining room clock was a beautiful ornate real (spring driven) one.

The shakers have a lot to show us about living sustainably. As a community they produce most of what they consume, and what they consume is kept to a minimum. I spoke with a Brother about the bee hive he was setting out, wandered the herb garden, and the livestock yard. Most of the workshops etc., were off-limits, and I would have liked to spend more time in conversation. Worth a trip though.


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