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May 24, 2008

Sustainability Post #11 — The Right Direction

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The right direction is True South. That is the way your house should point it’s largest number of windows. Fewer to the West and East, little to the North. This is a basic principle of passive solar design, and it makes a difference even if your house is not full-on passive solar (all houses get a substantial heat boost from the sun).

So how important is it to be exactly South? Not very, a few degrees isn’t noticeable. Too many though and it starts to add up. I took my experimental house (see previous post), and rotated to see how much difference it made (a worst case scenario). Here are the results (fuel costs as a percentage of True South):

180º — 100.00% True South
190º or 170º — 100.87%
200º or 160º — 104.18%
210º or 150º — 109.48%
220º or 140º — 116.09%
230º or 130º — 123.52%
240º or 120º — 132.57%
250º or 110º — 141.81%
260º or 100º — 151.28%
270º or 90º — 162.06% East or West
280º or 80º — 171.26%
290º or 70º — 181.16%
300º or 60º — 190.10%
310º or 50º — 197.40%
320º or 40º — 202.89%
330º or 30º — 206.53%
340º or 20º — 208.73%
350º or 10º — 210.59%
360º or 0º — 211.58% True North

— Topher


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