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May 24, 2008

Sustainability Post #10 — Replacing Mobile Homes.

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It was brought up yesterday, that a large number of people in Maine who request fuel assistance, live in old mobile homes. And it is likely that they aren’t financially worth fixing. What we really need is a replacement for those houses.

This kept me up last night, thinking of ideas. This morning I ran those ideas through my house energy evaluator, and came up with the following for a very rough plan.

The house would be around 860 square feet, about the same usable space as a single wide mobile home. Two bedrooms, one bath (with no toilet), one half bath (with toilet), open kitchen, dining, living room. Single story, slab on grade (frost protected foundation), vaguely salt box shape.

It would have hot water, and PV panels on the roof that would take care of the energy needs (plus provide income if the FIT bill passes, amounting to around $1200 per year). Without the solar it would require about $1200 per year (current prices)for its energy needs (very roughly).
I note that at $1200 per year, paid to a governmental agency which built it, would not eliminate the need for financial assistance, but would come close to eventually paying for the whole building. No problems with non-payment, foreclosure etc.

It would not be building style dependent, so might be made stick frame in place, straw bale (by DIY builders), pre-built walls (SIPs or the like), possibly even manufactured.

I would love some help in estimating costs, using my preferred building style, if anyone with expertise wants to help.

Of course, this was mostly a proof of concept exercise, and it needs a lot of work before you could build one. (but at least it is out of my head, and maybe I can sleep).


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