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May 14, 2008

Public Transportation for Maine

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Question, After reading an article in Yes! magazine (sp 2008, is45,pg 44.) I realized the one of the first things they suggest J. Q Public family do is to commute 3 times a week. That is not something we can currently do up here in Maine.

Why? Because we don’t have a mass transit system.

Why? NOT? Because the towns are too stung out. I say bullshit; Bostons mass transit system is just a big. it is made up of little towns all up and down the coast. (yes it was put together a hundred years ago. so what.) why are these public transits for just big cities? (Question for another day)

Again. Why Not?
Because we don’t have the money.I say; bullshit, If we can get the money together for a Botanical gardens we can dam well get money for something as essential as a mass transit system.

And the benefit are what?
1. Our if our biggest contribution is that we help people drive their cars less then right there we have made a “REAL” impact. A whooping 35% I think Topher said.
2. We have a huge Summer population. And huge traffic because of it. And large amounts of money.
Would it not be better to encourage these summer visitors to use our transportation rather then drive their cars.
3 Our student population. After school programs down to what their parent are willing to drive them to. this way it gives them a safer way to travel then Bicycling along dangerous roads with no shoulders. Or crazy traffic.
4. Mobility for the elderly. same reasoning.
5. Jobs. Jobs, Jobs. Will need driver. mechanics. dispatchers. warehousing. Etc.
6. Jobs, jobs, jobs. Those who commute currently will have an easier time not looking for parking and paying gas prices that area the same as their hourly wage. ( in the foresee able future.)

So why has on one done this? I don’t know. I have only just started this rant. But I plan to find out.


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  1. This is great! I recently wrote about bicycling destinations. Let me know if you’d like to link exchange.

    Comment by Elizabeth — November 27, 2008 @ 10:03 pm

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