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May 13, 2008

Sustainability Post #1

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“It is the way of spiritual growth. A man must go forward from where he stands. He can not jump to the absolute” – Krishna, _Bhagavad-Gita_

I am determined to make a post on sustainability, trivial or profound, everyday. This first is a bit of where I stand, so that I might go forward.

Carbon Dioxide generation:

For my two person household, I calculate that we generate the following amounts of Carbon Dioxide (CO2):

2000 pounds per year (estimate from a website for general ownership of a car).
8693 pounds from 11,000 miles last year @ 30 miles per gallon.

1758 pounds from 1860 kWh of electricity per year, with CMP’s estimate of 277 pounds per kWh.
4390 pounds from 340 gallons of propane (for heating water, stove, and refrigerator).
11024 pounds from 2 cords of wood used for heating (this is short cycle carbon, as close to sustainably harvested as I know how, so it is less worrying, or at least last to go.)

(you can calculate your own at http://www.greenfret.com/metric.html )

CO2 from initial construction still needs to be calculated.

2000 pounds (an estimate I found for the Boston area).
-1000 pounds for recycling I do.

5300 pounds from estimates based on the following mix of foods:
Organic locally grown (with muscle power, human and horse): 40%
Standard meats, fruits, vegetables and grains: 40%
Prepared packaged food: 20%

Better estimates and information to follow.

Our humanure is aerobically processed, resulting in CO2 but little Methane. No estimates at this time.

No idea. Is this accounted for in food calculations?

34165 pounds approximately of CO2 every year.


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